Grand Opening Sale on Uncirculated US Coins!

🎈 Happy Birthday! 🎉

We're Platypus & Co and we want to welcome you to our treasure trove!

First, let's just say we were a bit surprised by the interest in our 2021 uncirculated US coins. They all sold out in just a few days! But not to worry, several boxes of pennies are restocked and nickels are arriving any day! Rolls and mintmark pairs of pennies, nickels, and dimes will all be restocked the minute they arrive and we've confirmed that they fully meet our standards.

Flurry of orders notwithstanding, we're continuing our sale of up to 15% off all Uncirculated US Coins! Mix-and-match any of these coins or rolls for your collection:

  • 5% off 2
  • 10% off 3
  • 15% off 4 or more!

There is so much that we have in store for you, but pardon the dust as we're just getting setup. We promise that it'll be worth the wait!

💞 Platypus & Co

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